February 19, 2007

Getting a Second Life again

I really enjoy Second Life, seriously. It's a great medium to escape reality is so many ways. Hmmm, clean the house or "play" in Second Life. Second Life has been mentioned on tv a few times too. People are catching on. I am just worried that there will be a scandal and the site will be forced to shut down.

I learned how to sit. Thanks to Amy P. who entioed that she started off with Orientation. What a novel idea! I had just "jumped right in." No wonder I have had problems. Not all was well though, I got stuck dancing and had to have help from a Linden person. Public scorn and humiliation. My husband commented while seeing me in my predicament that people will think that I am drunk. ????? huh? Maybe there is a way to become innebriated online. If not ow, just give the site time and someone will be selling drunk units in Second Life just like clothing.

Posted by ekeg0005 at February 19, 2007 2:28 PM