March 2, 2007

Is a good example of an online community?

I found when I saw an a listing on the U of M calendar. is a site for like-minded individuals to connect in order to make the world a better place. Once I looked at its premise, I saw the potential of it as a means to conect with like-minded people - it seems relevant!

I had to fill out a profile of my interests such as for the environment and human rights. I then am able to see other people's profiles who are like-minded with whom I may connect. There are volunteer and paid positions for the various related areas. We as members of these areas of interest are able to read each others' profiles and it is up to us to reach out to each other or to make connections to the related organizations. had a Career Fair yesterday in The Great Hall, but it basically got snowed out and had to close down early. Funny thing is that as I was waiting for a bus in the snowstorm, I ran into a friend who had gone off to Columbia University and returned to Minneapolis in order to go to the Career Fair and spend time with her family. She said it was a good venue, but most of the groups there were closing down early because of the snow and U closing. She seemed a bit disappointed, but liked the Idealist concept. In a personal sense, I was able to connect within the community of connections when I saw Abby.

Posted by ekeg0005 at March 2, 2007 3:48 PM