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Science To Blame?

During the lectures for the 1501 I've heard students make an error multiple times.
They blame science for the horrors such as biological and nuclear weapons.
While I could understand someone thinking that since scientists make the weapons and discover these things, I heard something quite troubling today...

Someone in our class said that, "Government needs to clean up after scientists create horrors like biological weapons."
That is what I have a large problem with.
Science does not know religion, it knows not boundaries, it knows not conflict, etc.
Science is the quest for knowledge, sometimes these questions are how do we prevent the destruction of people from infectious diseases.
Unfortunately, it is humans that tend to pose other questions, such as how can we kill as many people as we can in a limited amount of time...

To think that politicians are the ones protecting the rest of the world from science is laughable.
Politicians fund scientific breakthroughs that lead to causing as much death and destruction as possible. The department of defense is the largest part of US government spending, and it is their fault that things such as the atom bomb or bacteria that contain smallpox in them exist.

Now, I have to wonder if this is what the American public thinks.
Do they blame scientists for the fact that horrors such as those exist?
Don't they realize that a scientists job is to know how and why?
When they need money and funding, they get jobs from politicians which fund them to make things that kill people.