For the love of books

In High School, I developed a little crush on books. By the time I got to college, it turned into a full on wild love affair. Today , the affair is still going and growing although ( for the life of me ), I cannot remain monogamous. My heart beats along each page , and it carries a different harmonious tune with each book I read. Like any relationship, some left me in a pool o tears , but at least this was better than leaving me with nothing at all . There were joyous occasion and moments of realizations. Of course, there are those that forget to give us closure. Paulo Coelho 's " veronica decides to die " was my first. In a visit back home that lasted a bit too long , I found myself in a state of complete and utter boredom , so I let my legs to a stack of books that belonged to my sister. To be honest , I had to intention or passion to read, but I had nothing better to do , so I played along - despite the nagging resistance from the voice in the back of my head- I found myself actually enjoying the process . Today , that I read way more than I did back then - I can say it was not the best book I ever read, yet it was good - good enough for greatest journey that landed me in different destination.



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