1/23: Tax season is the right time to establish a budget

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This article posted in Star Tribune Januaury 21 by Chris Farrell explores when the best time to establish a budget might be. He argues that the pressure to take financial responsibility isn't going away anytime soon. Employers insist on a do-it-yourself approach toward retirement and students are expected to come up with more tuition dollars each year. He argues that instead of frugal saving American's need to start a budget. This can help boost control over finances and encourage smart spending. He explains his reasoning behind the tax time date for setting up a budget. You are gathering all of your financial data already so why not take the smart next step and set up your budget for the year then?
I think that his arguments are sound and are supported. He uses common sense to make his point as well as quotes from scholars and personal experience. All of his argument techniques tie together to make me wonder why I don't have a budget in place.

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