1/30: New negotiations go nowhere

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I found this article very interesting. It was written for the nation+world sectioning the Star Tribune on Jan 30. Written by the news services it was under the Mideast heading. The three sentence article stated,"Israeli and Palestinian leaders blamed eachother for the impasse in newly launched talks. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas accused Israel of spoiling low-level talks, saying it failed to present detailed proposals for boarders and security requested by international mediators...."
I thought it would be interetong to use what we have learned incise romping out the arguments. According to the book the author is using ethos, believing that what they are saying is true. Also kairos, as this problem has perisisted on the middle east for quite some time, that is why there is no background information given. I sense some pathos in this argument by use of language, "blamed" and "spoiling" may indicate the opinions of the author.
I would also like to point out that they are claiming there has not been any progress in these talks.
Alex Mountain

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