Apple is worth more than an entire Nation!

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Just kidding.

At $400 billion, Apple is worth more than Greece

This article just shows how successful the company Apple is. It describes the company, which is only a 35 year old company. It is worth $400 billion, only second to Exxon Mobil at $420 billion. They compare Apple's worth to a bunch of things, but I think that the title is quite misleading. They say Apple is worth more than Greece, only they are comparing Apple's worth with Greece's GDP. So Greece produces $300 billion a year, and Apple is worth a total of $400 billion. Thats a silly comparison! I just thought it was kind of funny. They not only say Greece, but also Austria, Argentina, and South Africa.

Here is a list of things Apple is worth more than.

I didn't read much of it, but Apple apparently is worth more than a lot of things. America's civil wars, Appolo space program, the NFL, etc. Give it a read!

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I read part of the article as well. I didn't get through all of it. But I found it funny for the same reasons you did. The list of things they compared Apple to made me wonder how much more they are worth than say the NFL... is it a billion dollars or one dollar...? But Apple is a very wise company I will give them that!

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