Be Here Now: Meditation For The Body And Brain


As many other cultures have already discovered, meditation is a large part of taking care of our mental health. Mindfulness based cognitive therapy is a practice that can actually affect the structure of our brains, reduce depression and the probability of it coming back, and have many other positive affects. Mark Williams explains this therapy as a way to do ourselves a great favor and become aware of our thoughts. Research and studies of the benefits of this therapy have led to programs such as Mind Up, where kids take 'brain breaks' and practice mindfulness meditation. This practice increases our focus and helps us feel more at peace with all of the things going on around us. After all, all we can do is be in the present moment.

This article uses many reasons, primarily scientific fact and personal experiences, to back up it's claim that mindfulness meditation is an emerging and useful therapy. The argument is based primarily on opinions about what is fact.



I have heard of Mind Up and I think it's a nice idea to get kid's to take "brain breaks" cause sometimes we get overworked and need a few minutes just to process everything we are learning or everything we do. I also believe showing scientific facts is a good way of presenting information, because most people tend to believe things if they can be proven.

I took yoga over the summer to improve my flexibility and balance. I was pleasantly surprised that this wasn't the only thing I got out of it. The meditation portion of it definitely made me more peaceful and laid back. Sometimes I would go just to get that relaxed feeling afterwards.
I think it would be a great idea to implement meditation. It would maybe help with problems of bullying in elementary, middle, and high schools, as well as decrease stress level and anxiety in college.
Lately, I just make sure to read a book of my choosing for an hour. It gives me a break without letting my brain shut down. It's nice :)

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