Drugs in Feed Limiting US Meat Export

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Concerns over a drug called Ractopamine Hydrochloride used in feed for pigs has caused many countries to question the pork being exported from the US. The drug is used to keep pigs lean and encourage growth up until slaughter. Traces of the drug have been found in the pork meat. The European Union, China, and Taiwan have banned it's use citing concerns about the effects it may have on humans.
The article claims that this drug is fed to somewhere between 60 and 80 percent of pigs in the US and has led to more livestock sickness or death than any other drug in the industry. The drug has also affected cattle and Turkey negatively. The drug is in a class similar to drugs used to treat humans for things like asthma however this specific drug has not been approved for human use.


Erik Pokki

1 Comment

When I hear about cases like these, it only further proves that we operate our food supply chain in an unhealthy, profit over people based mindset. The drugs they give slaughter animals almost always have a negative effect on their health. Cows being fed corn-based feed can't even digest the stuff because of the structure of their stomach, especially their rumens, and only live long enough to be slaughtered before they would've died anyways. Our industrialized food systems need to be re-evaluated and brought back down to the local level wherever possible.

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