Ex-LA teacher charged with molesting 23 children

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A 61 year old teacher from Los Angeles has been charged with molestation. The police
report charges that Mark Berndt sexually abused his students, ages 6-10, in his classroom over a two year period. Police discovered film of Berndt doing unspeakable (for this blog post anyway. If you want to know the details click on the news link above) to his students. While the author does not seem to imply skepticism to the charges, he does make the point that it is curious that prior to these charges, the elementary never received any complaints about Berndt for over 30 years. I would imagine that in the coming days people will be writing opinion pieces lamenting the schools negligence on the issue.

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That is crazy. Makes you wonder how safe anything or anyone is. No complaints for over 30 years, who knows how many children that could have happened to that never spoke out, or will never speak out. That is just horrible.

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