In Tucson, Finding a Game to Replace the One That Took Its Ball and Left

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This article is about the upcoming soccer training that is coming up in Tucson, Arizona that will hopefully bring sport fans back since Baseball decided not to come back this year and instead more closer to Phoenix, Arizona. The first time in a long time since Truman was president. Tucson has been struck by some hardship with a sorts of athletic games being relocated to different cities. I think this article most definitely defies with pathos because its a city trying to get back an promote sports after Major League Baseball has left. It has caused many businesses a loss in finances and the upcoming bowl in Major League Soccer has brought them hope. Hoping fans will support the soccer team and become a success. 40 percent of the population in Tucson is hispanic and many are crazed soccer fans and they are hoping that will add to the "soccer craze." The businesses in Tucson are hoping that Soccer will be a huge success.

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