Marijuana Push in Colorado Likens It to Alcohol

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Whether marijuana should be legalized is a rather controversial issue all the time. Probably, there would be a ballot in Colorado in November, which may push the process of legalization.
Given alcohol as an comparison, supporters argue marijuana can be treated in the same way. They believe the legalization aims to better control marijuana rather than lead to abuse. One of the proponent, Mr. Tvert, think to legalize marijuana is to take it out of underground market, to keep it away from young people and to make our communities safer. However, there are lots of opponents against this issue. Legal medical marijuana dispensaries have already caused the abuse of medicines. Eighty-five Colorado communities have banned or halted opening s of dispensaries. Some critics articulate the legalization definitely provides much easier access to marijuana, which make the problem worse.
As far as I am concerned, the opponents' argument is better, from the logos perspective. They provide examples to support their argument rather than just make claims.

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