Myths About Barack Obama

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This article by Jonathan Alter for the Washington Post discusses claim made about President Barack Obama. Alter argues against five specific claims that are commonly made about Obama that he believes are false. The first is that Obama is a socialist, which is an argument that he believes stems from a statement made by John McCain during his bid for the Republican nomination in 2008. He says this is untrue and cites several reasons including "Obama-care," which he says is similar to Mitt Romney's health care plan while he was governor of Massachusetts. The second is that Obama is a "tool of Wall Street." He denies that this is true and says that Obama did everything in an attempt to better the economy and succeeded in that attempt. His third claim, which I believe is the least effective, is that Obama is not a good public speaker. Alter's basic argument here is that Obama is great when evaluated as a whole, but is ineffective in short snippets. This is an extremely weak argument that is perhaps true if a person views only clips of a speech, but a speech should not be judged on clips alone. The fourth argument is that the stimulus failed, but Alter then cites several economic firms that agree with Obama's actions. The fifth argument that Alter denies is that Obama has been a weak leader. He cites evidence that Obama may have occasionally steered the country in the wrong direction, but that this does not necessarily make him weak. This is also a weak argument as a stronger leader would have made decisions that would lead the country strongly in the correct direction. Overall this article makes some effective arguments, but also some very ineffective arguments. The author tries to take on more than he should have, and is not able to take on the challenge.

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