News Summary 2.1.12 (Maren Dahle-Koch)

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Almost all college students know the immediate effects of caffeine, as we use it to wake up in the morning, and stay up to study late. Whether it is an energy drink, a pop, or coffee we find it somehow and other than the increased adrenaline and wakefulness we don't worry to much with the other effects it has on our bodies. But, researchers have been doing studies of caffeine on women who are in pre-menopausal and child-bearing years and have found that the amount of caffeine a woman has daily alters her level of estrogen. So the question the doctors were essentially trying to answer prior to the research was what effects did caffeine have on women, but throughout the research they altered their question to why do the effects of caffeine differ between race of women?
The idea to persuade with facts and data as results of research is the key to winning over the audience on the effects of caffeine. They tell the audience that caffeine in reasonable doses is healthy short term, but long term effects have yet to be determined in reference to estrogen levels.

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