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In lieu of all the SOPA postings (on facebook mostly), I decided to go with a less popular news story. On CNN a story that caught my eye was about a 10 year-old who stabbed another child and is being held in custody. As far as the story goes, it remains fairly unbiased and therefore doesn't present either side of an argument, except perhaps that maybe the U.S. justice system is too lax or too demanding. However, as I was pondering about what argument to find out of this, I came up with one myself: America does not have its priorities in order if the top news story is about pirates complaining about not being able to steal stuff anymore and the news about children dying at the hands of other children escapes unnoticed. However, with all the Jablonski support I've seen on facebook lately, maybe I could be wrong. I just believe there are more pressing matters than politics, such as the people themselves that politicians are trying to "care for.


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I couldn't agree with you more... I had to laugh though as I read your entry because I was just discussing this very thing with my brother the other day. He agreed with me that some tragic things on the news is going unnoticed while people are reading about SOPA. But he challenged me to think about the lasting effects with the nopa to SOPA on our generation and world... just a thought.

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