Not Everyone's in Tune Over Precious Violins

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As a violinist of nearly a decade, this article was really familiar to me. When growing up, you're given a crappy rental or a cheap violin- and then you learn. Now, I have never had the privilege of being a protegee or a genius, but the stigma that older violins receive has definitely been something that has been put into my head excessively over the years.

In this article, there is a great deal of commentary by violin crafters, on both sides of the argument, which I identify as ethos. Obviously is one is a violin crafter, one would recognize and have the credibility to discuss the craft of violins.

There is also a great deal of master (those who are profession violinists) opinion. It's possible to identify this as ethos as well, however I find it most notable as pathos, because a strong bond with your profession gives way to strong emotional ties to one's instrument.

Overall, I feel this is a very well argued article, for both sides of the story. I'd hope you all would enjoy as well.

Jenna Peneueta-Snyder

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