State of the Union Report Card

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Chad McFaul

This article was written just a few hours ago and contains a grade for President Obama in various important areas for the United States and evaluates whether or not the president kept his promises from the last union address. The article focuses mostly on domestic issues and rarely touches on foreign affairs. The topics of reorganizing government, the situation in Iraq, government transparency, health care, and IRS regulations were considered kept promises by the president from last years speech. The promises that were classified as stalled included: ending oil company tax breaks, malpractice reform, tuition tax credits, and bipartisanship.
This article contains argumentation because the author makes a claim, which is followed by facts and then comes to a conclusion based on the information he provided. This pattern is consistent throughout the article for every major issue our nation faces. In my opinion, the article has a slightly biased tone to it because of the word choice of the author. The author chose the term "work in progress" or "stalled" for promises the president was unable to fulfill.

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