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In the article by Anahad O'Connor, he discusses the current debate over whether or not to alter/change the definition of depression. Throughout the article are inserts of professionals and experts on the matter creating credibility for the audience on the matter, but still even though it is credible source against credible source the conclusion to the matter has yet to be resolved. On the one hand, researchers are saying that with the definition currently not including "bereavement, the usual grieving after the loss of a loved one" it hinders "the potential for considerable false-positive diagnoses and unnecessary treatment of grief-stricken persons". However, Sidney Zisook, a psychiatrist at the University of California in San Diego protests that if it is not included a probable outcome would be a "disservice to people who may require more careful attention".
According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 17.9% percent of Americans suffer from depression every year. So even though no conclusion has been met as it is a serious matter, all caution is being taken with changing or keeping the definition as the criteria for the diagnoses' are laid out in the framework of the definition.

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