City Hall clash Staling Development plans


This article is about widening a stretch of 27th St. into a boulevard between Michigan and Wells St. in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. There was a proposal to stretch the boulevard to be paid for 80% by the state and federal government, but the sale price to buy the Mobil gas station and the convenience store was too high and Mayor Tom Barrett's withdrew the purchase offer. Some administrators believed that instead of stretching the boulevard the state should rebuild the 27th st.

This article used different types of claims such as:
Claims of Policy: "Instead of continuing to pursue the boulevard proposal, Marcoux said, the Common Council should approve the state's current plans to rebuild 27th St. "

Claim of Value: "Creating a two-block boulevard along 27th St. between Michigan and Wells streets would help encourage development of the vacant block bordered by Wisconsin Ave. and Michigan, 27th and 26th streets"

Claim of Fact: "Under its withdrawn offer, the city would pay $1 million, with commercial property owners within the Avenues West Business Improvement District, a neighborhood group, providing an additional $200,000, to Dhawan and his tenant. The city would then pay to demolish the gas station and do an environmental cleanup at an additional cost, which hasn't yet been determined."

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How is the second claim a value claim?


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