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An article was posted in a Canberra newspaper yesterday about the organ donation process and the importance of informing young new drivers about the choice to be an organ donor. The author claims that the process of talking to a teenager about the importance of selecting the option to be an organ donor can be very uncomfortable and difficult because no one would like to think that their child will be the one to have his/her life cut short, but the conversation may change someone's life someday. The author makes fact claims about the process of organ donation, saying that the doctors go through a thorough testing process to determine the extent of the injuries incurred by an accident and whether a person may be saved through medical treatment. She backed her arguments with the story of two parents who discussed the decision process with their son, and one day, his decision changed the lives of five people. He was involved in an unfortunate accident which left him brain dead, but he had made the decision early on to become a donor, and while his parents are struggling to cope with their loss, they are proud to know that his giving legacy will live on through the lives of each individual that he saved.

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