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I thought that for my wife had really strong use of pathos. Her whole narrative envoked emotions of sympathy and compassion. We could really empathize and understand her situation. And the african american senator woman also used an appeal to pathos. The whole film played off our emotions. There was a little bit of ethos and a little bit of pathos, but they really took an emotional approach to the topic in this film. Charlenes story was very powerful and moving to the audience. An example of kairos would be when she presented her story to the supreme court. Those were ideal circumstances for her to have her story heard. An example of ethos was showing the senators speaking. Some logos could be found when they explained that even if you dont support gay marriage, you can support the bill that protects certain rights of lovers. Yes, it used pathos, but it was also logos I think.

The main claim types were value claims and policy claims. Lots of the senators either argued that it is right or it is wrong. And since they were talking about what we should do, there were many policy claims.

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