In a Nod to Gas Prices, Obama Talks About Energy

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While in Florida, President Obama addressed concerns over rising oil prices, which has people on edge since the rise is happening so early in the year (not to mention, in an election year). The President was straightforward with his policy claim, suggesting an "all-of-the-above" policy that is largely based around domestic oil drilling. The article stated, "Among Mr. Obama's proposals are opening 75 percent of the nation's offshore oil and natural gas resources by 2017; fuel-economy and emissions standards for trucks, vans and buses; and an administration effort to prevent bottlenecks in the oil market."

Although the President has a proposal to attempt to alleviate the problem, he made it clear that our oil problems will not go away. While we can postpone them and control how quickly the costs rise, the problem will continually get worse. This approach is very different from Republican candidates like Newt Gingrich, whose campaign promises to bring gas down to $2.50 a gallon.

It is clear from the article that President Obama applies logos and ethos in his argument. He also is utilizing kairos; concerns over oil are a "hot" presidential election topic (creating the context of the situation) and the President is trying to spearhead the issue early on. The article compares the President's approach with his 2008 campaign, where he was not as willing to drill for oil as his Republican counterparts. The needs of the country, such as the desire to rid the country of the influence of foreign oil, have obviously changed the President's viewpoint on the matter.

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