India woman leaves home for lack of toilet...

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India woman leaves home for lack of toilet...
BBC News:
15th February, 2012

After reading this article I had to ask myself, what was the reason behind a news reporter writing about this event? An Indian woman married a man last may, she left the home two days after their marriage because the house had no toilet for her to use. She returned eight days later, after her husband built one with savings and aid from villagers. An NGO announced a $10,000 reward for this woman's "brave" decision in forcing her husband to build a toilet. The article makes the fact statement that, "more than half a billion Indians still lack access to basic sanitation.
I guess my reason for writing my blog on this topic was to ask myself and others some questions. What was the authors purpose in writing this story 9 months after it took place? Was the purpose to inform us as a society what is going on with other countries or to announce that the NGO rewarded $10,000 to this woman for being brave? I guess it is an informative news report but the claims made in it are neither fact nor value claims.

-Anna Srock

1 Comment

I wonder if there are any oppressive customs in India (similar to some Middle Eastern countries) that makes this "brave" in their culture, prompting the NGO to reward her?

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