News Summary 2.10.12 (Maren Dahle-Koch)

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In the article "Really? The Claim: Never Go To Bed Angry" it clearly states in the title the claim to "never go to bed angry". The reasoning? "The hard feelings will fester and resentment will build." However, unlike previous articles written by Anahad O'Connor this one is lacking in evidence to prove the statement. But, by pulling in a religious Bible verse, he makes it a value claim which seems to be the stongest persuasion in this article. The studies done, if they had been conclusive instead of merely stating perhaps and maybe tid bits, could have made it a fact claim. Doctors have made statements attempting to explain why we should "never go to bed angry" and so far have come up with that "perhaps the brain's way of trying to keep the memory or emotions from being stored" is the explaination to why people have trouble sleeping after having traumatic instances. But overall, this article is merely a suggestion to explain the claim made, and not a strong arguement.

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