News Summary 2.23.12

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This week we discussed the influence of imagery and the concept of parallel cases in arguments. In the article "Back from Concussion, if Not All the Way Back" it uses previous cases of concussions in the professional hockey world to "Rangers defenseman Marc Staal. It brings in coach Tortorella's concussion experience in order to compare to Staal's and use it to show the progressive recovery occurring. The argument that Staal is in fact struggling but receiving support from other concussion victims shows that others understand the uphill climb coming back from this injury but it can be conquered and the player can be back on the ice again. "You look around at Crosby, Michael and others and hope they have a day when they wake up and feel good again," Staal states, "you can't help but root for them," really adds a sense of pathos to the article. It shows that in the sport everyone is rooting for everyone regardless of the team. When a player is injured, others are there for support and help.

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