News Summary 2.3.12 (Maren Dahle-Koch)

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In the article by Anahad O'Connor, the claim boldy made is that "brains of frequent tanners may be similar to those of addicts". Then, throughout the article, he not only presents grounds to validate that claim, but also inserts more subtly and underlying claim of the cause of people's tanning addiction. With research and studies done by groups at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, O'Connor is able to back-up his reasonings not only with a credible source but with reasearch studies and data found. Data that proves that tanning is qualified to meet the "definition of a substance abuse disorder". The repetitive word throughout the article is addiction, where in this case, "the brain is in fact responding to UV light, and it responds in areas that are associated with reward", so who would not want to keep up with the addiction to maintain a cancerous "beautiful bronze tan"? Just like with a drug or even caffeine, we desire that buzz that comes along with the consequences, beneficial or not. If we do not have that buzz, or enjoyment, or feeling, we go back to what gave us that whether we know it consciously or not.

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