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The video that we watched in class was very interesting. To see how the New York Times really affected America, how deeply rooted it is in our country is fascinating. With the company going down with bankruptcy it hit home for many of the workers and many of the Americans. Because of how important the Newspaper is to the world, the New York Times decided to add a Media division to it's company. The people that worked for this company were very into making their work place better. The arguments posed against the paper, were from a lesser reporting magazine, and they were trying to make an argument stating they were reporting better stories than the New York Times. Also, when the video hit Youtube, there was a interesting reaction from the Times because, of how stories are being reported via Facebook, and Twitter. News travels fast and social networks make it that much faster. So the Times improved and got more involved with social networking to expand their business. People all over the world continue to use the Times as their source of news. But when the Times had reporters had not reported the stories properly it made a bad reputation for the times because there were not valid sources. The Times has a good argument against those who feel that they are not reliable, because they have been around for a very long time. (Alex Davis)

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