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In class on Friday we viewed a thought provoking documentary on the interwoven relationship in our nation between politics and sport. I thought that the producers of this video provided some very strong arguments about the unavoidable influence that sports have had on the political issues at hand throughout the past century. He provides the reader with one main fact claim: Sport has been crucial for the social revolutions in our nation throughout the past century; without the powerful statements made by athletes challenging social norms and boundaries, many revolutions in our society may have been much slower to coalesce. While people often say that politics have no place in sport, they have obviously ignored the fact that people like Jackie Robinson and Billy Jean King have posed several important political and societal questions to the public about who deserves the right to participate in sports. I felt that his arguments were very persuasive because he provided relevant examples of the mistreatment of wonderful athletes in the past and how their political statements shaped the future for other athletes. He did not seem to have any policy claims, but his value claims spoke to the viewer because he was trying to tell everyone that we cannot separate politics from sport because the relationship is an integral part of what has shaped our society thus far.

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