Not Just a Game

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This documentary really dives in to the politics of professional sports. There is a lot about sports that the average person really doesn't have a clue about. The documentary painted a portrait of what sports used to look like long ago and connected it to the current sports world. Women's sports have come a long way and race now seems to be a non-issue when it comes to sports.

The film really portrayed the NFL in a bad light. It depicted football as more of a battleground than a sport and really emphasized the warrior mentality of the game. Along with this, the film tries to make a case that the NFL is really promoting war and the military. While I have seen my fair share of military themed television programs, I don't necessarily agree with this statement.

Overall, I think this documentary sheds light on some issues in professional sports that I might not have thought of otherwise but, there definitely seems to be some bias or a hidden agenda to this film. A more objective view would be nice to see.

-Erik Pokki

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