Not-So-Social Networking

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This article is about how Facebook can get teachers fired. The article is about how teachers need to be careful of what they post, one teacher was fired for posting a photo of herself holding a glass of wine. It also says how teachers need to be educated about their right and responsibilities when it comes to the use of social network sites. The article also says how teachers are people too and they have fun and lives outside of just the school.

I feel the article used a lot of logos, because it shows some logic to what is being said. Teachers are role models and set example for their students, if a student seems a picture or comment or tweet about something a teacher did or saw, it might show some conflict to the student. Making them question is what the teacher do really wrong? Yes the teachers are old and wise enough to know right for wrong, but at some ages students are not and might take what a teacher did or said as an example of what they too are allowed to do.

Oluwayanmife Salako

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