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Which one is better, printed press or electronic media? There isn't a certain answer. However, we need both in nowadays society. The most obvious advantage of printed press is ethos. On the Internet, there is a huge amount of information, and the rate of fake news is much higher than newspaper. Newspaper is of greater credibility´╝îa strong ethos. Another point is the content in the magazines can be of depth rather than superficial information. I take communication topics class this year, and we just discussed how printed press provide readers a different reading experience, a more effective and more involved one. Meanwhile, we can't neglect the benefit of electronic media. It can spread news at an amazing speed, which printed press is unable to reach. And reader can judge the information himself, instead led by mainstream press. As far as I am concerned, we can switch between these two media, depending on different circumstances. Printed press and electronic are complementary to each other, and both play an important role in our society. There is no need to reach a conclusion which is better than the other.

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