"Page One: Inside the New York Times" Response/Analysis

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Print media is undoubted taking a dip in popularity due to an overwhelming amount of free sources that can be found all over the internet now a days. This is the main claim and warrant of those that would argue that print media is dying.

I would disagree. Print media created the stage in which all new internet media is able to play upon. Although it could be argued that there is a "student overcoming the master" situation, I still vehemently disagree. Without the print media to have set the foundation, no reporting would be able to report efficiently in which the print media has taught all others.

However, it is important to note that there is a shift in power balance. Print media will not be the only one in the spotlight any longer; it will have to share with it with twitter and facebook and every other social media site out there where with one click of a button a person is exposed to many a source on what's happening everyday.

The credibility of the New York Times and other news sources is important to still take into account, there is a level of skepticism and a grain of salt one must use when they rely upon social media, which is why print media is far from death.

-Jenna Peneueta-Snyder

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well said, I couldn't agree with you more...

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