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This was a very interesting documentary that I wish we could have kept viewing in class. Along with being entertaining in nature, the documentary also laid out two sides of the central argument surrounding not only the New York Times but also many many other newspapers and other forms of print media. On one side there was a group who believed that with the advent of twitter among other social media more and more people will get their news through the internet because it is free of charge. Arguing on behalf of the print media, people make the claim that these sources of electronic, while undeniably cheaper and more convenient to access, do not provide anywhere the same level of reporting skill or insight. I tend to side with the people advocating for the newspaper. Granted, I have been reading the paper ever since I was a little child and still make an effort to do so now that I am in college so I have a little bias in the argument. However, I do truly believe that many forms of electronic media (though certainly not all) provide news without fact checking and chose news to report on that resembles more entertainment than real world issues

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