Pentagon admits it dumped some 9'11 remains in a landfill

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Pentagon admits it dumped some 9'11 remains in a landfill
By M. Alex Johnson,
Wednesday Feb. 28th

For the first time, the Defense Department acknowledged Tuesday that some cremated remains of victims of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks were dumped in a landfill. This video stating this information was released by the Pentagon in a disclosure of just two paragraphs in a 86 page report by an independent task force that has been reviewing operations at the military's mortuary in Dover Delaware. Retired Army Gen. John Abiziad, who was the head of the panel, said that his findings on the bodies of the 9/11 catastrophe was only a part of the task he was trying to carry out. He said it is in his report but not the focus of his report.
This is very new news to us all, but this is a good example of people only taking part of the context. This statement was only two paragraphs in a 86 page report. What else is in that report? Will we ever be told anything else about what really happened and what is in that report, or will the media just take this one part and run with it? I feel as thought the video isn't making an argument they are just stating what has happened and informing the public about this shocking news. They do make it personal though by bringing in some people that have had to deal with this sort of thing happening with there loved ones you have died in combat.
I encourage you to watch this video and see what you think for yourself...

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