Q&A: Markus Batchelor, A Young Leader From Ward 8, GW Student

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I chose this article because I am friends with Markus Batchelor. We met while attending the United States Senate Youth Program in Washington, D.C. in 2010. The Huffington Post is making it really easy to keep track of him, which is great because he does so many great things.
This article is mostly a question-and-answer session about his past accomplishments and current life as a George Washington college student. What is weaved throughout, however, is Markus's leadership in the D.C. area, especially considering he comes from Anacostia, an area of D.C. viewed poorly. His leadership positions also center around a cause: the battle for D.C.'s statehood/representation in Congress. He has made an impression as a youth fighting for this; he was even arrested for civil disobedience while protesting for D.C. statehood while at the White House. His policy claim is that Washington, D.C. should at least have representation in Congress, if not statehood.
This argument for D.C.'s statehood shows mainly logos and pathos. Logos appears because there is a large population in D.C. They are citizens of the United States, yet they are not a state and do not have representation in Congress. To young leaders like Markus (and other D.C. natives), it only seems logical that D.C. citizens should have equal rights like the rest of the U.S. population. The other argument present is pathos. In a time where equality is becoming a prominent topic on the national stage, there are citizens in the United States who feel they have been treated as close to second class. It must be a difficult to live in the Capitol, be so close to Congress, and know you have very little say in what goes on.

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