Rare glimpse of isolated Peruvian tribe.

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Rare glimpse of isolated Peruvian tribe.
February 1st 2012
Reported by: Tom Sanorelli

This video is footage of an isolated tribe living in the Amazon region of south-eastern Peru. The British-based Survival International group says the indigenous Mashco-Piro has rarely been in contact with the outside world.
You may or may not have found this video interesting but I did because I spent six months in Peru this last year. One of those months I spent actually living in a jungle village. Every night I slept in a hammock, bathed and washed my clothes in the Amazon river. It was an experience of a life time and I learned so many things from the families there. Having spent so much time in the villages along the river and hearing them talk about other indigenous tribes that have stayed hidden for years, it was so interesting to see this video. I boated down the river they show footage of in this report. I wonder what the people in Peru are thinking about this discovery. I just thought I would share this with you. It doesn't produce and argument at all, I just wonder how true this footage actually is. Because the indigenous that have remained hidden are very dangerous.
Take a look at the video.

-Anna Srock

1 Comment

Hey Anna -

We'll talk about visual argument more detail later in the class but I'm sure this video certainly presents an argument. Maybe we'll use it as an example when we get to that section!


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