Sex-Trafficking at the Super Bowl...

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Sex-Trafficking at the Super Bowl
Written by: Justin Holcomb
February 6th, 2012

On February 5, 2012 over 100 million people watched the Super Bowl XLVI. Few of them know about the horrific crimes that were committed during and around the event in Indianapolis. This article was not on any major news site but it was something that I found and wanted to share with you. It is a simple article as far as the content, it gives a definition of the modern-day slavery known as human trafficking. It is a commonly known topic right? But the claims made in this article in the beginning are very fact based. For example, "The Super Bowl is the most watched program on TV every year," and "It is possibly the largest sex trafficking event in the US."
It is more of an informative article but the writer makes his claims and beliefs very evident in the words that he chooses to use. He may use Pathos too much for his form of proof because he seems to have a connection with the subject. It is an excellent article but I would have appreciated it more if he would have used more logic and credibility behind his beliefs.

-Anna Srock

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