U discrimination suit goes to court

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Minnesota Daily
February 23, 2012

Katie Brenny, the former associate women's golf coach of the University of Minnesota, has accused the Board of Regents and John Harris, the former golf director of discrimination against homosexual. Without traveling to any of the women's away matches, Brenny didn't really do a coaching a job as she expected. Instead, she only interacted with players as a mentor.
We have discussed homophobia and discrimination in sports in class. This local news is related to both topics. The article provides information most from Brenny's view, why she sued and how she felt. However, the word "allege" indicates that Harris needs more evidence as a logos proof. As a coin has two sides, the news would be more complete if the author interviewed John Harris or the Board of Regents. Overall, this article is mainly composed of fact claims. It states a case, but doesn't show any position.

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