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The University website developers are going to improve the website system, in order to provide its users with convenience. People with disabilities find it difficult to access. There are sometimes broken links, missing information and too many clicks before a completed webpage now. Hopefully, all these problems are aim to be solved by the new software. Some University departments collect feedback from students, hoping to make website user-friendly.
This article is mainly talking about a change of U website. So most claims are policy claims. For example, "CBS is hoping to start making visible changes by summer and gradually "evolving " its website". Meanwhile, there are also some fact claims, such as "Up to 20 percent of the public can't access the Internet due to disabilities, according to HiSoftware". As for value claims, there are not too many. What I find is "But hard-to-navigate websites drive away visitors, including potential students". This claim is between value claim and fact claim. However, the description "drive away" is considered as a little subjective. So I count this sentence as a value claim.

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