Whys it so hard for kids to lose weight

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This article examines some of the reasons why children have a tough time losing weight and also some dangers of obesity. One of the main reasons children have a hard time losing weight is because of their environment. They are rewarded for good behavior with junk food and see advertisements for unhealthy foods all the time. That creates a mixed message for the children. They also tell us that obesity poses risks to cardiovascular health as well as joint health and diabetes. And they say that stress damages our self control which can affect our eating and exercise habits. They use many claims that are supported by evidence; they use a lot of experts opinions as proof of their claims. Also, they throw in some opinions of mothers and kids themselves and by doing that she enhances her credibility. Kairos was also used, because if we didn't live in a culture where advertising is so prevalent and where obesity is talked about, we probably would need warrants for many of the claims, but since we do the warrants were unnecessary.


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