At $500 billion, Apple is worth more than Poland

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This article is about the successes Apple has achieved. It is trying to persuade us that Apple is making impressive progress and thats quite a feat for a company that was only worth $10 billion 10 years ago. I am convinced. Although I know better to believe that Apple is worth more than Poland, they are effective in making their point. Some fact claims that I found particularly persuasive are the following: "one of the five most-valuable companies at any point in history" - this I found persuasive because they provide evidence of the other five companies and give numbers on what each was worth. "The company reported in January that its sales grew 73% last year. It also posted the second-most profitable quarter in history for a U.S. company." - This I found good as well. They don't provide a source, but their specific numbers give the impression that the information is reliable. What really highlights Apples progress is this claim: "It was only a month ago that Apple's market valuation rose to $400 billion for the first time." For me, specifically, I remember because I blogged about it then as well. This is an example at how fast the company is progressing and does wonders to convince us that Apple is a very successful company.

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