DNR Fish and Game License Fee Increases

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This article makes an argument backing the proposal being considered in Minnesota to modestly increase license fees for hunting and fishing in Minnesota to support the Game and Fish Fund that draws revenue from license fees and reimbursement of federal excise taxes on hunting and fishing equipment.. The author aims to make a logical and ethical case, using state influences such as Governor Dayton and former Viking coach Bud Grant, as well as other statistics and numbers as backing for the increase in fees. The author gains ethos by holding a side toward maintaining Minnesota's natural abundance of beauty and wildlife, as well as using examples such as Grant and Dayton. It was a smart decision to point out that the state's Game and Fish Fund is projected to be insolvent by July 2013, which would lead to unfavorable cuts to environmentally important services. The argument continues by acknowledging and backing the positive impact DNR programs have on Minnesota ecosystems, as well as reasoning that while Minnesota is one of the largest fishing destinations in the nation, only 12 states charge less for a resident license. Additionally, the jobs argument is made as well as pointing out that it would be a modest increase from $17 to $22 for fishing licenses, certainly manageable for anglers. Overall the logic prevails because the author does a more than adequate job of logically arguing that the benefits far outweigh the costs.

-Matt Foley

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