Electronic Giant Vowing Reforms in China Plants

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Foxconn, the manufacturing giant in China is going to reform its plants. Previously, I have read news about how poor the condition workers are in. I remember approximately 10 workers in Foxconn have been reported committing suicide during these recent years. The article says Foxcoon faces harsh critique and decides to make a change, to curtail work hours and to increase wages. There are policy claims. It is time for Foxconn to carry out new policy, considering more about their workers. The process of making products for Apple is given as an example to illustrate the poor condition Foxcoon workers face. Details and statistics work together as a pathos proof. For instance, "43 percent of workers had experienced or witnessed accidents, and almost two-thirds said their compensation "does not meet their basic needs." Foxcoon's reputation is endangered now. It really needs to make a change.

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