Hoodie's evolution from fashion mainstay to symbol of injustice

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In this article the author addresses how we portray hooded sweatshirts in our society. The author believes that hooded sweatshirts are a sign of stereotypes. He thinks that black men wearing hoodies are viewed as thugs while white men wearing hoodies are viewed as regular law abiding citizens. His main argument is talking about the death of Trayvon Martin. He says the hoodie killed Trayvon just as much as the man who actually pulled the trigger. He says this is sad. He tries to appeal to our emotions, but he also tries to uncover how stereotyped our views of society are. His main thesis is that it is ridiculous to judge a person based solely on what they are wearing. He brings to the fore front how we can judge people differently even if they are wearing the same thing. He uses the example of a white lawyer wearing a hoodie and a black man. The white lawyer is cold, while the black man is trying to hide his identity. I found this article very interesting and the author did bring up some good points, but i think the author went a little bit too far in his claims and that hurt his credibility. Also, he was a little bit too accusing of his audience and I think that hurt his ethos as well. If he would have toned it back a bit his message would have been better received.

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