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This incredibly well-written article by Clifford Krauss and Eric Lipton in the New York Times lays out a cohesive but brief history of energy use in the United States. They highlight the gradual economic and social dependence on energy, the increase in tapping into what energy we have, and the recent developments that have affected those behaviors.

They use primarily logos arguments by citing statistics and making comparisons with oil giants like Saudi Arabia. The contextual importance of the piece, which is advertised adjacent to articles on the upcoming presidential campaign, is not to be overlooked. The 2008 election saw punch-lines "dependence on foreign oil" and "energy conservation" on both sides. The placement of an article touting success in this field certainly influences the way citizens may read the campaign articles, and the expectations they have for this one.

The article is very long, cohesively identifying both policy developments like carpooling and bussing, business implications, and lifestyle changes that citizens are undertaking. For the first time in decades, the US has a net export of gasoline. The incontrovertible data has an air of success, and reinforces the positive outcomes of applying technology to areas of concern.

The article focuses on its logos data, but the potential contextual implications in elections are not to be overlooked.

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