Jonckowski fills voice, house with passion for sports

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Today's Minnesota Daily has an appealing photo on the front page: a man stands amid his massive sports memorabilia collection. Who is he? That's Dick Jonckowski, who has been the public address announcer of Gophers men's basketball and baseball for 25 years. First the front-page photo caught my eyes. Later, I found the story interesting too. The article is mainly based on an interview with Dick Jonckowski. It shows his first experience as an announcer, his announcing style, his other jobs, times at the U and memorabilia collection. I like this article, although it is not a big scoop. The way it introduces a feature is focusing on details. "Dick has more than 500 bobbleheads and 500 hats." "Their grown son's room has been converted into an extension of his collection." All these are details, which help the author vividly describe a feature. This article is not an argument. But what we learn from it is when interviewing people or thinking about an issue, it is of significance to pay attention to details. I guess the idea of the appealing front-page photo is from the detail that Dick Jonskowski's hobby of collection.

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