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This week we have been talking about feminism in all it's glory and all it's shame. And the article written by Rebecca Traister, "Ladies, We Have a Problem" published in the "New York Times" touches on both sides. It focuses on the SlutWalkers, who after a policeman comment in Toronto, march the street in practically thier birthday suits in order to make a point. Traister feels "irritation that stripping down to skivvies and calling ourselves sluts is passing for keen retort," and moves through the article searching for another method of speaking out effectively. She touches on stories of rape and assault victims and for the most part their failed attempts at making their crime known and pulled to their side. Regardless of whether it was "an 11-year-old Texas girl who was allegadly gang-raped by 19 men," who should gain the pathos of the audience or a "young French woman who is pressing charges of attempted rape against Strauss-Kahn," nothing seems to end or charged in their favor. Traister comes to the conclusion that in order to gain a response of any kind you need to make a scene because "the standard response to any public attempt by a woman to uphend expectations of consent, passivity, and silence -- whether she does it calmly or hurridly, in court or in fiction, or while wearing a corset on Michigan Avenue -- is still that she is a little bit nutty and a little bit slutty," so why not make a scene and make sure that your voice is heard. So although the SlutWalk may cause hesitation and uncomfortable emotions, it is neccessary in order "to draw a spotlight" on a pressing issue that has been hiding behind the shadows of those in the limelight, men, and those who wish to remain in power above women. These women have gone about ways of argumentation on their issue of equality, but now it seems to be that the way to go, is go big or go home.

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