Pakistan Builds Web Wall Out in the Open

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Pakistan decides to censor some of the internet and that has outraged many people living in Pakistan and outside of Pakistan. The article claims it is a 10 million dollar project to a "development, deployment and operation of a national-level URL filtering and blocking System." The government has blocked porn sites, search engines, and social media websites already. The Pakistanis have tried to force internet providers to block specific sites but it wasn't effective enough. So now the government is trying to build a internet blockage similar to that of "the great firewall of China." The people claim that the government really look up to the "firewall of China" and they fail to look at the fact that Pakistan is a democracy and China is an autocratic regime. What makes this so alarming is that Pakistan when out and publicly stated they are looking to create a system to block specific sites. Peoples freedom to speak is going to be limited by this new system and is causing havoc in Pakistan and around the world.

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