Renewable Energy Debate

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In my opinion, both sides were very prepared and had excellent arguments and counterarguments. It was a very persuading and interesting debate, and in my decision, it was very close.

By just a hair, I found the Pro Renewable Energy side as the winning argument. In all honestly, rebuttals from both parties seemed to void each other, and for me, it came down to closing statements.

I felt that in the Con Renewable Energy debate, they focused much on the fact that since it is not the future, renewable energy shouldn't be worried about. However, we all think of the future. We all imagine when we'll graduate college, get married, or have children. To keep a mind set that focuses on nullifying the future seems ignorant to me.

Also, it was over arching through both groups that renewable energy, whether we agree with it or not, will come into play no matter what we say or do about it.

Because of this, and a very good closing argument on the side of Pro Renewable energy, I found their argument most persuasive.

-Jenna Peneueta-Snyder

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