St. Paul Saints ballpark

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This article makes an argument backing St. Paul officials placing the construction of a new St. Paul Saints baseball ballpark as their number one legislative priority, making the case that the ballpark is essential to the transition of the previously industrial lower town St. Paul district to its more modern and artistic look. The article believes significant development of the St. Paul area is needed, and it begins with the creation of a newly proposed 7,500-seat St. Paul Saints ballpark. The facility would run for around 54 million dollars. The author makes a logical case for the ballpark, using ethos gained from the city officials backing. The argument continues to back the officials push for a new ballpark by making the point that the "Saints have long been a more affordable pro sports attraction for ordinary people." With the increase in fan experience and the maintenance of low prices, the stadium would draw a much larger crowd, stimulating local business. The current stadium is painted as inadequate. The argument is made in a strategic way to appeal to St. Paul citizens.

-Matt Foley

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